How we work - for clients

We are different

While some companies build web pages as if on an assembly line, we at SunnyZ World take time with each client to carefully design and develop the best possible web site as per the requirements. Each website is a custom design consisting of thoughtfully crafted pages that stands us apart from thousands of other website designers. Our webpages emphasize visual quality, viewing speed, ease of navigation, and market impact. Each our work is different from each other, simply because no two businesses are same. 


The Ideal Process We Follow

Communication : Getting to know each other –

First we want to get to know one another. We will sit down and learn about you. We’ll examine your existing ideas, strategies, and details. We’ll challenge you along the way, provide our input, and help you fully define your self. We will then introduce ourselves to you and you can learn anything you want about us and all the services we provide.

Plan : Marking the checkpoints –

From there we will start wireframing (or sketching) the work flow & schedule for your project. Next is storycarding, which is key to your project staying on track and on budget. We will use these wireframes as a guide to estimate, track, and follow during the work process. This allows you to see what gets done, what’s coming up, and what’s currently being worked on.

Ideas : Dreaming with eyes wide open –

Our brainstorming usually starts with a good question – Why ? once we determine the purpose of the design we collect lots of ideas—even crazy ones—and do an critical analysis for each. Yes we do a lot of Mistakes… that’s creativity but we also know which mistakes to keep…that’s Art !

Design : Let’s make it beautiful –

Here’s where we start to bring your project to a visual life. Our designers’ team will build a visual identity and branding, hash out mockups of key parts, and define the user experience. Upon approvals and suggestions from your end we then finalise the design, include your data and prepare to go live.

Launch : Bringing ideas to Life –

After design and development is complete, our work goes through a Quality Control Check… Once the QC is done we deploy the project online and make it live on the internet for the world. Submitting the URL to major search engine marks the completion of the project, but our work doesn’t stop here.

Grow : Adapting to your surroundings –

Technology is growing and increasing everyday. So should your company, brand, and products and services. We will be here to help to ensure that you are able to keep up with the current technology trends and be fashionable to your current and future customers.

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